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weekly group training

Weekly Group Training

Training sessions for players that want to elevate their game to
the next level. Limited to 25 players. Multiple coaches available to assist.

$100 per month
1 Hour per session / 4 sessions per month

small group training

Small Group Training

Similar focus training session
as an individual soccer training. Training will include
2-4 players.

Packages starting at $180 / month
3 month minimum Commitment

individual training

Individual Training

Training session catered to improve areas of opportunities. The training session is completely custom and laser-focused on the player.

Packages Starting at $220 / month
3 Month minimum commitment

team training

Team Training

Our coaches will speak with the team’s coach to understands areas where the team needs improvement – dribbling, passing, movement, final third, etc.

$270 per session
$250 for  4 session commitment

How we improve Players

Improve passing

As a team sport, soccer is a passing game regardless of what others believe. Players are taught the proper technique to pass the ball accurately and precisely. Precise passing will allow players to move around their opponents differently and more effectively than dribbling.

Agility focused

Coaches spend 10-15 minutes each session on agility exercises to improve footwork, increases the ability to move faster while improving balance and coordination. It requires players to quickly change directions and for players to remain balanced through physical challenges. Focusing on agility enables players to perform at a higher level while reducing the possibility for injury.

First touch

Players learn how to control the ball on the ground and in the air. As teammates pass, the player receiving the ball is responsible for protecting the ball and ensuring their first touch doesn’t result in turning the ball over to the other team. The receiving player must maintain the ball at a close distance

Body positioning

Depending on the position, players are coached on correct body positioning to properly defend, attack, pass, shoot, etc. For example, defenders should stay calm to assess the situation by forcing their opponent into a mistake to recover possession and rebuild momentum for an attack


Master the ability to strike the ball from distance, in the air, and within the box with precision. Some players over complicate a simple finish. When you are inside the box, you should look into placement rather than shooting with power. Sometimes keeping it simple is better than scoring a beautiful good. We prepare you for different scenarios to be ready for the unexpected

Game awareness

Top players have a high soccer IQ which involves understanding the movement of the game and anticipating the following plays. Being able to scan the field simultaneously during on/off possession of the ball can help read the field more to determine the movement of the game

Who we are and What we do

Our Locations



GA Highlands Gym
5441 GA-20
Cartersville, GA 30121

7 PM to 8 PM




110 Recreation Dr
Calhoun, GA 30701
United States

5 PM to 6 PM


Meet The Coaches

Alex Morales

The world of sports is full of fierce competition, and you are going to want the best trainer in your corner. I have worked with several organizations to help each player step their game to the next level such as Coble Elementary, Bartow County Recreational soccer, and individual clients.

Anthony Robledo

Anthony Robledo is 22 years old and has been playing soccer since the age of 7. He started playing recreational soccer and slowly got to his first travel soccer team Rome Arsenal. Anthony later moved on to a higher level at NASA where he achieved most of his success and was on a nationally ranked soccer team. He is currently playing at Reinhardt university and is a junior. Anthony is very passionate about soccer and is eager to teach others about the beautiful sport. Soccer has brought many blessings to his life and wants to teach others that it’s more than a game.

Stephanie Robledo

Meet Stephanie Robledo. She is one of our coaches here at PSA. She played soccer competitively for over a decade. She has experience on and off the field. During high school , Stephanie was recognized as Most Valuable player for the women’s varsity team. Stephanie graduated from Georgia State University where she led as President of the GSU Women’s Soccer Club. She hopes that with her experience and field knowledge she will be able to act as a mentor to the players at PSA. See you soon!


My name is Matt. I’ve been involved in soccer since 2006. I played in middle school before moving to Cartersville. I then got back into soccer once I got into high school being trained by the same mentor as Alex. I played for Cass High School as well as playing for Rome Arsenal for a season. The position I played through high school was at right wing midfield. After that  I played recreationally at the striker position as well as reffing soccer games for youth. I’m coaching because I believe the kids today should be coached by people who have played the sport to give a better understanding as well as training with better equipment from when I grew up. One hobby of mine is playing soccer tennis with the guys, which also improves touch, precision, and stamina.


About Us


After relocating to Cartersville in 2003, I began to fall in love with soccer. Unfortunately, Cartersville offered limited soccer training to kids and teenagers. I learned to play the sport through a mentor that played professionally in their youth and my older brother that constantly pushed me to my limits. Throughout time, I developed as a player which led me to perform well in high school and competitive leagues. I developed as a player without quality equipment or continuous coaching. Subsequently, I always questioned, how much of a better player would I have been if I had continuous coaching and trained with quality equipment?

After visiting a few recreational games and watching the younger players play, I noticed they did not know how to play the sport correctly, individually or as a team. Most of the time, the leagues have parents that volunteer as a coach and have great intentions, however this can create bad habits as they grow older and would like to take soccer to the next level – college, semi-professional, or professionally.

The limited access to quality soccer training led me on a mission to create Precise Soccer Academy (PSA). At PSA, our mission is to provide affordable quality soccer training to help develop players to their maximum potential. We have quality and detailed coaches that ensure students are learning and executing the correct techniques. In addition, students use top-notch equipment to enhance their training development and experience. Our training emphasizes agility, individual, and team training to provide a holistic and well-rounded training of the sport. As we develop players, our goal is to help players take their soccer journey to the next level.

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